• CursorInfo
  • DIM
  • the Monochrome
  • SHome
  • Zeus Sport
  • Alliance Trans Rail (redesign)
  • Party Selfish
    One of our partners contacted us with a proposal to make a promo page for their hotel New Year's event.
    fresh design
    features representation
    images processing
    analytics tracking

    Done it in two days, working hard and productively.
  • ICEG
    Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild has lots of connections with international organizations, so they wanted to have decent representation on the Web. So we've made:
    brand new individual design
    content optimization
    mobile platforms adaptation
    definitive CMS users training

    And everyone's happy 🙂
  • Top Credit Aid
    An example of our UPGRADE project. American credit restoration company wanted to raise the number of leads. So we've done:
    market analysis and total rebranding
    content optimization
    mobile platforms adaptation
    CMS users training
    SEO and SMM

    Swift and strict redesign by Hundred Brains. Lots of analytics and concise solution.
  • Dealex
    International transportation company who wanted their web-site to look like as it has to be for such a known name.
    global styling and individual design
    special contact form
    projects presentation
    mobile platforms adaptation
    multilingual support

    We've made a refined product, suiting the clients suggestions.
  • Academy of Public-Private Partnership
    Academy of Public-Private Partnership introduces an innovative approach to professional studying of public employees. They've wanted to represent themselves and make the subscribing easier.
    global styling
    individual design
    background video on home
    mobile platforms adaptation
    news and gallery updates
    CMS user training
    multilingual support

    Lightweight business design, nice animation effects and simple questionnary form.Done.
  • Yacht Points
    Local boat-trading company wanted a total remake of their old-fashioned site.
    logo and individual design
    online shop elements
    advanced filtering options
    mobile platforms adaptation
    content optimization

    HB made an entirely new design and structure, optimized and user friendly.
  • Lankov
    Ukrainian company who used to work only over the phone with known contacts and trusted partners. We offered them a STARTUP package:
    sleek business design
    branding, logo, styling
    one-page navigation
    mobile platforms adaptation
    SEO and daily ads update

    Lankov now has it's face in global network, while large ads system helps finding new clients and contacts.
  • Carpe Diem
  • Alliance Trans Rail
    Ukrainian transport company that wanted to replacr their oldschool site with something memorizing. They've chosen an UPGRADE and here is what we did:
    logo, global styling
    individual design
    market analysis
    evaluation of competitive offers
    mobile platforms adaptation
    SEO and news
    total IT organization and support of the company office

    ATR got an updated web-site, absolutely new styling and brand. Now they receive online applications, number of leads is increasing. This is how it's done)
  • Good Roof
  • Daria Yunyk
  • j-School
    International school project who wanted to make their page just little bit more comfortable and user-friendly. That's another way to make an UPGRADE:
    updated and actualized design
    multilingual content support
    CMS users training
    mobile platforms adaptation
    SEO, SMM and news

    The new School's website is much more comfy, representative and full of actual information. Number of followers in FB group, that we were moderating, increased.
  • Daniel-trading
    Well knowned swiss trading company ordered an UPGRADE package to try and see the difference. We have done:
    individual design
    content optimization
    automatic content update
    mobile platforms adaptation
    SEO and news

    Now Daniel Trading SA has a recognizable official page and works not only with it's own classic partners but draws attention of the new ones.
  • Lars Export
    Young agricultural exporter on ukrainian market. They've needed additional ways to attract the sellers of production. We have done:
    branding, logo, styling
    individual design
    CMS users training
    one-page navigation
    mobile platforms adaptation
    SEO, news and daily ads update

    Original home page, SEO and ads make the convertion rate grow. Our daily support make them happy and satisfacted.